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  • Fran - Kodiak

    Thanks.  I do really appreciate your words.  She gave us all her love unconditionally asking nothing but love, attention and a little of our time. 

  • Rodger,

    Loosing a best friend is definitely one of life's low points.  May she rest in piece.



  • Bill. 


  • Roger,

    She is beautiful.

    She loved you, and you loved her.  Wonderful life and wonderful memories.

    God bless you and keep you in your sorrow.  



  • She was DOOBIE. She died this last tuesday night. I was travelling outside Panama and couldnt be with her. My wife stood by her side in her last moments. I am so sad not to be there... I know that she would like to have of her loved ones by her side on that terrible moment. She was eleven years old and lately she was sick. The vet did some test and diagnosis but couldnt find nothing strange. We knew she was sick and that could be her end but it still hurts. We will miss her very much. We have another young Boxer female dog called MAXIE and she is sad now but I know she will recover from this lost.
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