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My Lola

Well I have seen other parrots in the Blog so I wanted to introduce my yellow forehead panamanian parrot....the one an only LOLA.
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  • Well I used to have a full zoo at home because of my little boy. He is now 12 years old and he love animals. Lola is his favorite. He put Lola on his shoulder and he walked from our house to my Father-in-law house that is very close in the same neighborhood. I have two female Boxers, three turtles and one local parakeet. I work from home so sometimes Lola is so happy singing for rain!!!! very loud that I can't hear what my customers are telling me on the phone.....thanks God my customers understand that and they laugh of Lola singing.
  • Gigi.
    Lola is a nice good looking Loro Girl. She is a happy member of my family. My house was always full of animals. My little son likes animals the we think he will study to be a biologist or veterinarian. Now we have two Boxer female dogs, Lola, one small green periquito (parakeet), and three turtles. One day a baby Iguana entered my home and we kept her for a couple of weeks and I released her back to the forest and another more animals. And yes... we do love animals. Sometimes they are more reliable that some people...LOL.
  • Lola is a beautiful girl! We do love our 2 and 4 legged friends, don't we? V.-have your guys always been "outdoors" as they are?
  • Well Lola is bilingual.... she speak Loro and a little spanish. My little boy plays with her and talks her always. She right now says her name and say HOLA too. She whistles and its starting to laugh like humans. She is only two years old.
  • Wow.... what a big family....I noticed that all of them have names with the letter P. Interesting.
    I guess all of them are bilingual, aren't they?
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