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  • Investigation resumes into deaths of Dutch tourists   Sandra Alicia Rivera

    29/07/2014 - A group of 20 investigators from various agencies resumed the operation along El Pianista trail in Chiriquí to gather more evidence in the deaths of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, two Dutch tourists who died while hiking the trail.

    The operation is being coordinated by the police, border patrol agency Senafront, civil defense agency Sinaproc and the Department of Judicial investigation.

    Police sources explained that the operation had not been reactivated previously due to the bad weather in the area, which could have endangered the investigators.

    The search will focus on the area where remains of the two women were found. It will last for three days.

    Prosecutor Betzaida Pittí met with Dutch authorities and the families of the two women two weeks ago to discuss the case. Pittí was briefed on the results of a forensic study of a camera and cell phones belonging to the two women which were recovered from a backpack..

    The families are hoping that the additional search can uncover more clues to explain how the women died. They went missing April 1 and their remains were found in early June.


  • Parents of Dutch tourist coming to Panama to investigate daughter's death

    29/07/2014 - The parents of Kris Kremers, who was one of two Dutch tourists who died while hiking in Boquete in April, will travel this week to Panama to join the new search of the area where the women died.

    "They have so many questions," said family spokesman Jerome Van Passel. "They want to know what happened."

    Van Passel said that Kris's father, Hans Kremers, declared last week on Dutch television that "there are still many questions" and they want answers.

    Kris Kremers, 21, and Lisanne Froon, 22. arrived in Panama to do social work and to study Spanish in March. They went missing April 1 while hiking near Boquete.

    Bone samples and other items belonging to the victims were found June 19 in an isolated area along the Culubre River in Bocas del Toro.

    Environmentalist Ezequiel Miranda said today that it is important that the Public Ministry has kept the investigation open, because in this way it is possible to find new evidence that will assist in the investigation.

    Miranda said that the situation is "very difficult to understand" since the river was not flooding at that time, which means they wouldn't have been swept away by strong currents.

    "The possibility of that river really dragged them is very strange," Miranda pointed out.

    A total of 20 people will be searching the area for additional clues over the next three days. They include police, officers from the civil defense agency Sinaproc and members of the border patrol.


  • Has anyone heard if the man who found and turned in the items belonging to the girls, including the money in the backpack, will, or has received any of the reward money?  Thanks to this honest man, even as the poster states the safe return, the whereabouts of the girls was found. 

    • Does anyone know the cause of their demise or is that a secret?

      • The above reports indicate that officials have insufficient evidence as to be able to determine cause of death.

        • Even in First World Countries some crimes have remained unsolved for many years.  Let's wait the authorities could get more evidences to see if it is possible to determine the cause of the death and also if there was any person involved with their disappearance and fatal outcome.

  • Families of Dutch Women who Died in Panama are Looking for Answers


    14/07/2014 - The families of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, the two young Dutch women who died while hiking in Panama, are still seeking answers to clarify what happened to them, said a representative of the family.

    "The hypothesis that they died after becoming lost is not definitive for the families," said a spokesman. "We are still considering the scenario of a possible third party being involved."

    This stance is based on "issues that have come to light in the investigation" about which the family "cannot give more details," said the source.

    Lisanne, 22, and Kris, 21, disappeared April 1 after leaving Boquete for a hike on El Pianista trail.

    Their remains and a backpack, which included cell phones and a camera, were found by indigenous residents 10 weeks later in a remote area of Bocas del Toro.

    Neither Panamanian authorities nor the Dutch police team assisting them have commented about specifics regarding the cause of death of the women. A technical analysis of the phone and camera, carried out by experts from the Dutch Forensic Anatomic Institute, has revealed "conclusions" that have been communicated to the families, but not released publicly.

    A web site dedicated to the search for the women has not been updated since a July 4 meeting between the families of the women and Panamanian and Dutch authorities.

    Sources close to the investigation said that the investigation is in a sensitive stage at this point and information is being closely guarded. The family spokesman only added that the families want the search for additional remains to continue.

    "Families want to keep looking, with or without support from the authorities, to find other possible remains of their daughters, to bring them to the Netherlands to be able to say goodbye to them," said the spokesman.

    The same source maintains that this is the "only way" to start to close this "black page" in their lives. A mass in memory of the women is planned for July 18 in the Church St. Joris of Amersfoort, the hometown of both women, according to a statement from the families.

  • Newsroom Panama 02/07/2014
    THE PROSECUTOR in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of two young Dutch women in Panama, flew to Holland on Wednesday, July 2, to exchange information with the authorities there.

    Panama's Public Ministry said that with Betzaida Pitty was the head of the Complex Case Unit Rafael Guerrero, "to meet with authorities of that country, in order to learn about judicial assistance."
    The purpose of the visit is to "analyze and exchange information on the development of research" conducted in Panama since last April.
    Lisanne Froon, 22, and Kris Kremers, 21, disappeared April 1 in Boquete, in the province of Chiriqui, bordering Costa Rica, where they arrived on March29, with the intention of learning Spanish and doing social work.
    On April 2, a tour guide reported them missing and the began search and research, which involved Dutch researchers and the girls’ families.
    In mid-June in the Culubre River locals area found a backpack with mobile phones, camera, glasses, lingerie, young, Lisanne’d passport and $83 in cash, Residents of the area later found skeletal remains and on June 25 authorities confirmed that the DNA analysis of the remains were made compatible with Kris Kremers,and after testing that other the remains belonged to Lisanne Froon.
  • This is a report of the interview with Jerome Van Passel, spokesman for the families in Panama, and the latest statement from Prosector Pitti, published Wednesday by Telemetro. (Google translation - edit by me)


    The families of the Dutch tourists who have been missing in Panama since April, and whose deaths were confirmed with DNA tests on remains found in the disappearance, are hoping that the Panamanian authorities will provide explanations as to how the young women died.

    The spokesperson for the family, Jerome Van Passel, told Efe that the parents of Lisanne Froom, 22, and Kris Kremers, 21, want the Panamanian Public Ministry (Attorney) to explain whether the death was caused by an accident, or if other hypotheses are considered.

    Van Passel expressed that the relatives hoped that Panamanian authorities would have restarted the search for evidence or clues in the disappearance, but they understand why it had been suspended due to bad weather.

    The family also requested the Panamanian authorities, according to Van Passel, to forward the contents of a camera and information from a cell phone that were found with other possessions of the young ladies inside a backpack.

    Panamanian authorities have officially confirmed that DNA tests made to skeletal remains found last week in a remote area of ​​western Panama are compatible with Kris Kremers, after the analysis had previously reflected that of the other remains were found to be compatible to Lisanne.

    "This result is confirmed by the Public Ministry, the day when the final report of scientific test conducted by the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (IMELCF) is received," the statement released Wednesday by the Panamanian prosecutor referring to Kris Kremers.

    The Panamanian prosecutor responsible for the investigation, Bethsaida Pitti, confirmed on Monday that "one of the finds belongs to the younger Lisanne" after making the first relevant DNA tests.

    Last week a few bones with some clothes were found in a jungle area, nearby where the young Dutch were last seen alive in the town of Boquete, Chiriqui, bordering Costa Rica .

    "It's a very dark chapter in which many questions remain to darken the fatal outcome of Kris and Lisanne. There is only one way to find answers to this family. Continue the search," said a statement issued this morning by the Kremers family when they found out the results of DNA testing.

    Forensic expert Silvia Vandel said Monday that the bone fragment whose genetic material matched DNA samples sent from Holland by the parents of Lisanne corresponds to part of a foot.

    Vandel said then the Institute was analyzing parts of a pelvis "to determine whether the element belongs to another bone Lisanne or Kris".

    Forensic Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences noted that the remains were "in a state of decomposition progress" so he said it was too early to presume the cause of death and when it occurred.

    The prosecutor Pitti pointed out that the Public Ministry (OTP) has insisted that the investigation will continue.

    "Right now no one is under investigation" in the disappearance of the Dutch tourists, "it's still too early to say any hypothesis. Let's keep looking" in the area of ​​the Talamanca mountain range, "but as it is an inaccessible and dangerous place we will do it properly, "said the prosecutor.

    The young women were reported missing on 2 April when a tourist guide of the town of Boquete, where both were staying, notified the police that they had not returned to sleep at their accommodations the night before.

    The bone samples and other findings, including footwear, submitted for DNA testing, were collected last Thursday by Pitti herself in a jungle and secluded area known as Culubre River, in the western province of Bocas del Toro, neighbouring Chiriquí.

    It was in the same vast and inhospitable area of the Culubre* that a backpack and belongings of Lisanne and Kris was found by locals weeks ago, the first evidence in the context of the investigation into the disappearance of both.

    * Other reports indicated that the two discoveries were six hours walking distance apart, with the backpack being found way downstream.

    RIP Lisanne and Kris

  • What beautiful ideas have been sent here.

    A new thread has been started that does not mention the reward.. if you want to send your thoughts for a Tribute.

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