Have a Molar tooth that is causing pain and needs to be extracted.

Any recommendations for a good Dentist who can do this?  


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Heard good things about Dr. Nelle Mata in David.

Thank you. Would you happen to have her number?

Why go to David.  Dra Luz next to Machu Picchu restaurant.   speaks English.

Have you personally had a molar tooth extracted by her?

I vote no on this recommendation. I experienced some significant problems as a result of the treatment here, some very costly, painful problems.

Hi Amanda: I had a couple of friends who also had some issues with Dra Luz, so ruled her out.

Dr. Octavia Ortega in David. Cell# 6983 0004. Speaks english, modern office, just had a molar pulled and will have a bridge in place this week. Very satisfied!

Thank you Grant, just the type of recommendation I was looking. 

I believe a molar extraction can (or maybe should) be done only  by an oral surgeon, not a dentist. You therefore have to go to David or go to a Boquete dentist who will bring in an oral surgeon from David. I had excellent luck with Dra. Patricia Morales in Hospital Chiriqui, who came here and performed the extraction of a wisdom tooth in the office of Dra. Monica Sanjur. Dra. Morales can be reached at 775-2689, 775-2699, or 6673-9910. She speaks English. And it may be that there are optional treatments other than extraction (e.g., root canal) that she will advise you on after examination.

Had a molar extracted last month by Dra Vanessa Lambiz ( in Chiriqui hospital - ground floor).

Took 9 minutes, didn't feel a thing, cost $50. She is fantastic...my go to girl for all things teeth.

and believe me I am a COMPLETE baby when it comes to dentistry!

How much does she charge for a cleaning Diane?

Totally second the recommendation for Dra. Vanessa Lambiz. I went to her for 16 years for everything from just regular cleaning, to gum pockets. She's professional, definitely knows what she's doing, speaks perfect English if you need it and is a sweetheart.


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