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Visiting Boquete 10-19-19



My friend and I are coming to Boquete. We arrive in Panama City on 10-18-19 and are driving from Panama City on 10-19-19 to Boquete. Can anyone give me some advice about driving from Panama City to Boquete?


Also, is there an attorney in Boquete to discuss the pensionado process with? We have been thinking about moving to Boquete for some time now. 



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  • Hello Brenda:

    Here is a POC for an attorney that can help you with your Pensionado Visa.  I know him personally and I know that he will provide you with professional service; a quality result; at a very reasonable price (probably cheaper than most).  He is in the Boquete (Volcancito) area.  Here is his information:

    Jaime Quezada

    WhatsApp:  6398-9522

    Email:  jaimeb_quezada@yahoo.com

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.




  • Hi Brenda,

    I lived in Florida for over 20 years and am still a licensed attorney there.  I moved here very quickly when I decided to back in May.  I am going through the Pensionado process and also highly recommend Miranda & Contreras.  They have a lovely office right near the bridge downtown with English speaking staff, and are extremely professional and thorough. 

    I took the motorcoach bus from Albrook Terminal in Panama City to David and then had a driver pick me up and drive me to Boquete.  The bus cost $15.25. The driver from David to Boquete cost $30.00.  It is a long journey - about 8 hours with stops - but you just sit back and relax and watch movies (in Spanish!) There is good cell phone service for most of the ride, so you can use your phone - but no place to charge it.  I recommend bringing a portable phone charger that does not require electriciity.

    Also, you do not need a car here. Nice to have, but not a necessity. Taxi service is plentiful and you can easily get anywhere  you need to go! There is a wonderful Newcomer's lunch where you can meet other newbies and also get lots of info on everything from the people who have been here a bit.

    I love it here!  I hope you and your friend do too!  Welcome!



    • Thank you so much for your information. We are going to try to drive it this time and see what happens. We plan on driving to multiple places so a car will help us with that. I may change my mind though. 

      Where and when s the newcomers lunch?

      Good idea on the phone charger. 


      • I don't know where or when the next Newcomer's Lunch is, but I would like to attend.  Maybe someone here knows and can answer?  Another tip is to sign up for daily emails from Boquete News about what is happening in town by requesting to be put on the mailing list.  Address is:  news.boquete@gmail.com

  • The drive from Panama City is not difficult except going through the city itself!  If you have a Smartphone, download the app Waze - it is invaluable here in Panama!  Get a chip for Panama when you arrive, then open Waze and type in "Boquete" or the name of your hotel (you can use Stone Cabins if you're not staying in a hotel - it is on the main street of Boquete) - you will be given turn by turn directions.  Be careful NOT to get on the Corridor Sur leaving the airport unless your rental car is equipped with a Panapass (ask the car rental company).  The Corridor Sur is a toll road, and you must have a Panapass sticker on your window to use the road (there are no toll booths).  Once you cross over the Bridge of the Americas, the majority of your drive will be on the PanAmerican Highway - which is in very good condition.  DO watch for speed changes, though - any time you are near or in a small town, the speed limit drops to around 50 kilometers an hour from 80 or 100 KM an hour - and there is very little warning.  If you use Waze, it is pretty good at telling you what the speed limit is where you are driving at any given time.

    The drive will take you 5 1/2 to 6 hours, depending on stops.  Santiago is about halfway, and a good place for a stretch or a quick bite.  There are a few fast food places along the highway or you can opt for a better sit-down restaurant.

    PLEASE do not select an attorney who is trolling you on this website!  Local expats can direct you to reputable attorneys - we used Miranda y Contreras for our visas and they did an excellent job for us.

    Good luck with your drive, and welcome to Boquete!

    • Thank you so much for all your helpful information. Note taken on all of it. Thanks for the heads up on the Corridor Sur from the airport. I think I am going to ask a taxi driver to get us to the PanAmerican Highway. Is that far from the airport?



  • Hello Brenda.  Being this wil be your first trip here, may I suggest that you fly into David then rent a car and drive up to Boquete?  You will save yourself much headache.  Unless or course, you wish to enjoy the little towns in between .... but I still recommend flying into David.



    • Take a bus or fly to David. I am a mutilingual expat and lived 31 years in various countries. Juan Contreras is very good. Driving in Panamá is like in Italy or Paris. Learn Spanish.

    • I second the idea of flying if this is your first trip to Panama.  Do you speak Spanish?  In the interior English is spoken somewhat but not like Panama City.  Rent a car in David.  Drive to Boquete then once in Boquete you can drive all over Chiriqui  , drive to the border, visit the towns inbetween.  What if you have car trouble? Flat tire . No AAA here.  For a first timer flying is the best be.

      • A couple of observations about driving in Panama City.  Driving in Panama City requires a whole set of new driving skills.  Driving lanes are something you might drive in or not drive in.  Traffic is a life changing experience.  In heavy traffic there is no order.  Taxis and busses are a challange to stay away from.  Taxis change lanes with no warning. Motorcycles weave in and out of traffic. In Panama City most streets have no street signs.  Main streets have overhead street directions provided you don't hit a taxi while reading the sign.  If you do have a bumb you are required to fill out a accident form in Spanish and appear before a judge reguardless who who was at fault. Who know when your appointment will be scheduled.   If you rent a car you have to make sure you have a paid up pass if you go on Corridor Sur.  Other wise you won't get on Corridor Sur.  Hope this helps.....


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