ARF is an all volunteer organization that rescues, fosters and finds good homes for animals in the Boquete area.

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  • We need a medium to large bird cage to be able to give our Mai,s kids 2 budgies, if you have one to sell or to give Us, please let us know. thank you.

  • My friend has found an extra large dog crate in Panama City. Thank you all.

  • Need extra large dog crate to travel:  I'm posting this for a friend.  She is in urgent need to buy an extra large dog crate (new or used), airline approved.

    40" long X 35" high X 26-28" wide. Please contact: Emma: 6413-8590               or Vicky: 6672-5151. Thank you.

  • There is a light brown dog in dire need of help. We saw him near the flower festival, on the road that heads up to Palo Alto. Please try to find him . We gave him some food but he really needs your help. I tried to call your service but I think it went to voicemail or the phone was off..
  • I thought there was a page with photos of available dogs, but now I can't find it. Help please!
  • Val, I can come by and look at her and take photos and see what else ARF can do for her and you. Let me know if that works for you. Nancy

  • Adoption Day at Chiriqui Flea Market   four adoptions   good day

  • Jeff this is a Boquete ning group it is not the membership for ARF itself

  • Nancy,

    I notice you have only 10 members listed as members of ARF. I'm not listed but Jeff & I both joined & paid at the first meeting of ARF at your home.  Just thought I'd check it out.

    Carol Bardeau.

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