Cristiano Zeviani is still missing; today its 21 days since his disappearance!!

Any info is highly appreciated.

Saskia 69787500

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So sorry to read that there hasn't been made much progress. Or perhaps, no progress at all.

I don't mean to pry, but at this point, perhaps the Italian press should be notified?

(Besides mailing, phoning too, would help)

Il Messaggero -> Rome's newspaper:

Via del Tritone, 152 - 00187 - Roma - Tel.(+39)06.47.201

Corriere della Sera -> Milano's newspaper:

Via Rizzoli 8, 20132 Milano  Tel. 0039/0225841

La Stampa -> Torino's newspaper:

Tel: 0039/0116568111

This could be far-fetched, but perhaps you would also like to check this out:

The Swiss Ticino news, have mentioned that on the 20th of May, an Italian man, who has Panamanian residency, was stopped at the border because he was carrying an excessive amount of money. His name has not been disclosed. Could this person by any chance, be an acquaintance of Cristiano?


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