We will be relocating to the Boquete area early next year and would like to know if there are any Episcopal or Anglican churches.  Thanks for the info.

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English speaking churches are few. There is a bilingual Baptist church in David 30 minutes away. Here in Boquete we have a fellowship meeting in a small restaurant just outside of town (Mario's Pizza next to Las Ruinas). It meets at 8:30 am for breakfast and the service starts at 9:30 am. Breakfast is a potluck where we all enjoy fellowship. Boquete Bible Fellowship is a bible believing church led by two retired pastors. It is non-denominational . Small congregation...growing.
There is another called Home Church which meets on Saturday at the Fundadora Hotel at 4:30. This as well is a non-denominational Christian church. The third that I know of meets Sunday morning in Valle Escondido . It is as well non-denominational. This group uses video pastoring .

Catholicism is the predominant religion of Panama. I have not researched this, but I would be surprised if there were not some English speaking services nearby.
Do you know Steve Sides by any chance -- he goes I think to your church -- he is our realtor and good friend -- but he seems to have disappeared --- please respond if you know him - I know he works for Remax --- have emailed him many times recently --- We need to talk to him -- thanks youngsdn21@att.net Nancy and Don Young
Nancy sent you Stevens e-mail to your personal e-mail

Thanks for the info...actually my husband is Episcopalian, I am more non-denomination. I am sure we will be able to find a group that we will be comfortable with. The potluck church really sounds good to me :)
Nancy, I husband attended the meeting that A. &B. are telling you about. He enjoyed it very much. I left for Volcan with friends early that morning and missed it. We did enjoy several couples from that group at another get together earlier that week. Worth looking into, great group. Abby L.
Oh forgot !!!! There a great little group that meets Sunday night up Volconito road at the mission. Now there's a fantastic place to get invloved in some "retirement missionary" volunteer work. That mission single-handedly buses in 300-400 Ngobe-Bugle indians each Sunday morning, then has a clinic for them . If you come for a visit.....definately do stop by there. Take a trip out with one of the buses, you'll see country you might otherwise miss. Then try the Sunday night English service church
Thanks for your info. This sounds very interesting. My husband and I ran a kitchen and put out 200 hot meals per day for the homeless and working poor here in Vero for 7 seven years. We are not sit on our butts retirees. Both of us are certified recovery support specialists for addictions and I also heard that there is an orphanage in Boquete so appears that are lots of things to keep us busy.
Nancy, would you mind telling me where you are from? You mentioned Vero. Sounds as if you are considering a move to Boquete like us and it appears that we have similiar interests. We will be in Boquete in a couple of weeks to check it out. We can't wait. Maybe we can share information. Hope Morgan
Hi Hope, Harry and I are from Vero Beach, FL, 2/3 down the east coast. We are coming to Boquete January 9th, staying at the Boquete Garden Inn for 17 days and with the goal of finding a house to rent for 6-12 months. We were thinking of buying right away but many expats convinced us to live there first before we decide exactly where we want to settle down. This move will be a full time commitment for us and our 4 dachshunds. My email address is halbertn@comcast.net. I'm envious that you wll be there before us so please let us know what you find out. Where are you moving from and are you relocating there. Good luck.
megan -- there are TWO nancy's on here - and both with dogs -- I am the newest Nancy -- We are frrom Texas but live in Missouri --- we are moving in 30 days to Boquete ---- You will love Boquete --- youngsdn21@att.net --- thanks Nancy Young and I will be happy to share with you what I know --
Casa Hogar Trisker, can always use help. GHA has been very involved and can provide more info. This link is their blog

Hi Lee, thank you so much for the info. We are very big in giving back to the community and people less fortunate then us. I will check his blog and make sure we touch base when we get down there.


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