I have 2 laptops that need repair.  Is there anyone in Boquete or David that does this that can speak English?

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Leivys John will come to your home 64796502

Or you can drop it off at the Overclock office in the San Francisco mall, above Scotia Bank.

If the quotes to fix your laptops is more than you want to pay you can donate them to the Handicap Foundation. We have people who buy parts and fix computers at their own expense. Then we sell them and the proceeds go to support the good work of the Handicap Foundation.

You can take your computers (or anything else you wish to donate) to the Handicap Foundation building in Alto Boquete or to their book sales table at the BCP market every Tuesday.

Microserv across from the Catholic Church in boquete 8510293

In Boquete, my favorite go-to computer repair guy is Sr. Yiarubi Ramirez, Gerente of Hastor Computer Boquete (http://www.hastorpanama.com/). 
Hastor is located on what US-sourced gringos would call the second floor, diagonally southwest of, and across Avenida Central from, the southwest corner of Bajo Boquete's central park.  
It seems to me to be the place that the local Panamanians go, and they know best.
I have been repeatedly impressed by his knowledge, customer-service attitude, professionalism, promptness, and willingness to help me on very short notice.
His fees have always been extremely reasonable.
Just Google "Hastor Computers Panama" for a map of Hastor's location, a picture of their storefront, phone number, email, hours, etc.


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