Finca Santa Marta Organic Produce for Tuesday

Well here it is again time to remind all our clients to get their orders in by 7:00 am Monday for pickup at the Tuesday Morning Market or delivery to Dolega or David.
There is a difference (that you can taste) between our freshly harvested, organically grown produce and what other vendors are selling at the Tuesday Market (and around town).
We grow the majority of what we sell, at Finca Santa Marta. While we do buy and resell a few fresh produce items, we know the source personally and know how they operate their farms. Most other vendors buy from several suppliers who change sources frequently. No one really knows what is happening to your food. But on the positive side... it is usually cheaper.
Many people around Boquete believe that most (or all) the vegetables grown in Chiriqui are organically grown. NOT!
The opposite is true. The majority of fresh produce is grown using pesticides and herbicides that are not safe for your consumption. And what's more important is that many of the pesticides/herbicides used here are applied incorrectly. Too much is applied or they are applied too close to harvest.
And then there is there is the matter of refrigeration or should I say the lack of refrigeration. Refrigeration is what makes it possible to harvest in California on Friday and eat fresh produce in Virginia on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. In Panama most of the fresh produce never sees any refrigeration until you get it home or at least several hours after it is harvested. Our produce is refrigerated within 1 hour or less of being harvested. This procedure preserves the flavor and the nutrients that you are eating the produce for in the first place.
When you buy from Finca Santa Marta you are doing yourself a favor and you are supporting our mission of growing the best organic produce in Panama. You also help support 12 Panamanian families who work diligently for us to provide this service for you.
And while we are on the subject of healthy food... there must be a reason why at least 2 of the Boquete's best restaurants chose our eggs and chickens when they could buy the cheaper "factory farmed" products.
When the quality of your food matters... rely on Finca Santa Marta for your fresh organic produce and free range chickens and eggs.
See our web site at to place your order for pickup at the Tuesday market. You can phone Richard, our bilingual manager at 6242-9308 if you have any questions or comments or email me through the web site.
We also sell many, hard to find, organic products imported from the USA including, apple cider vinegar, peanut butter, almond butter, pop corn, coconut oil and much more.
We hope you all have a great week and remember to have fun in Panama.
Ron and Kim Miller

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