Interested in learning more about fly fishing opportunities in the Boquete area.  We recently visited the area in April 2009 and plan to retun in April 2010.  Happy to talk to any one who has expereinced  fly fishing in the area.  Also interested in learning what the local licensing requirements for fishing are.

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I have seen people fishing for trout above Volcan, near Cerra Punta. I have never seen anyone fishing in the Caldera in Boquete. I have never heard anything about fishing licenses here, if they exist every one I know who fishes in in violation of the law.
Matthew: You know I believe that you would be very successful fishing for the Sabados and other fish in the rio Caldera. Probably be better fishing when the water is a little more down and not so quick with all the rain we get here. I can tell you that the fish are very aggressive on our small river in the area of Caldera, The locals use large ten to 12 foot bamboo rds with no reels to fish the Caldera and seem to do pretty good. A good spot is the bridge going over the Caldera as you make your way to the Hot springs off to the right after the bridge is a path to get to the river and you can choose the depth you want to wade in or find your way to a nice flat rock, fishing from there. Lee is correct there is no license is needed here. [yet] bring some large streamers and have a blast! Heck I might try it also

Thanks for the information. The 10 to 12 foot bamboo rods make sense. I'd definitely like to see them in action. I assume wading is done barefoot and in shorts (no need for waders). By streamers what do you mean - flies? Thanks!


Happy to have you join me. Tentatively I'm looking at heading back in April 2011. I may adjust to beat the rainy season (or end of it). I fish in Pennsylvania and we also work around the water. I did a quick Google on Sabados - What type of critter fish are do we have here - bass- trout - other? Hope you enjoy beer... I don't care how good or bad the fishing is as long as the beer is cold ... And I know there is some fine beer down in Boquete.
Hey Matt, Yeah they are wading in the their shorts some swim out to the larger rocks and spend the day there fishing off the rocks. Yeah I was thinking of a small streamer maybe gray and white to resemble a shiner. Sabados can get big up to 2 feet long but most in the 6 to 10 inch range. Lot of exotic stuff like oscars and cichlids for your aquariums LOL They do nibble on your hair to sample uou a bit just tickles though. I buy my Panama beer in town at the drive thru best deal in David They bring it to the car ice cold for about 2.40 per case plus bottle cost last few times a I was there a bad deal. Wish they had a bloating agent to counteract the effects It just sticks on me. Hope to see you there bud Im usually there in April. JIM


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