I've searched previous discussions and am wondering if Dra. Monica Sanjur is still praciticing in Boquete?  If so, how difficult is it to get in on short notice?

About an hour ago a large portion of a molar broke off, along with the filling which fell out.  I will try tomorrow, but the chances of getting in with a dentist here is slim.  Unless it's a true emergency, the normal wait time is up to three weeks.  We leave for Panama Tuesday.

Thank you.

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Dr Monica is in Boquete and she's very good.  I would go see her immediately or try calling her first before you arrive and she might take you right away.
Dr.Octavio Ortega in David is an excellent, bilingual dentist, who I've found to be quite reasonable. 6677-6762
we too have a great dentist in David..if you need..Erin
Dr. Sanjur speaks English.  I've never had to wait for a dental appt. here, especially for an emergency.
Dr. Sanjur speaks English? That's a surprise to me. My husband and I have a long history with her, and she always communicates in Spanish with an occasional English word, such as "filling," thrown in.
I only went to her once, and she spoke mostly English with some Spanish thrown in.  I was surprised, because I had heard that she only spoke Spanish.  She must be a fast learner.

Was it Nellie -- the Buddhist Dentist in David"


"Pah -- no es necesario para la medicina para el dolor! Jeh-je-je!"

A wisdom tooth broke on me, and I went to her.  She took an x-ray and realized it was too much for her.  She called in a specialist from David (I have her name at the Gym, but I'm not there).  It was done in Monica's office.  I liked the fact that Monica knew she couldn't handle it and she called in somebody who could. AND, she did speak English.

Sorry, Darlene, I've heard "pah!" used all over the world as a term of derision or disdain just say it out loud (with the exclaimation point!) Like "bah, humbug!" Slightly less respectful than "shoot!" A bit more polite than "bullshit!" Similar to, "Hey, knucklehead -- you'd better go see about that cranial inter-alimentary proximal interference issue you're dealing with!"


Very much like the reception I am most frequently met with here on *ning when I post my intellectually superior, cosmically funny, and uncannily rapier-like ripostes ....


"Yo, wry -- PAH!!"


Oh, good heavens! Oh, Land-o'-Goshen! Oh, saints above!! Dang.

It'll be a lot cheaper than in the States too - the same thing happened to my wife a few years back and the results were great and WAY cheaper than in California.
Does anyone have Dr. Monica Sanjur's email address??  I need to contact her by email.  Thanks!


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