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I have books that I would like to donate to the Boquete library.  Does anyone know who to contact for donations who speaks English (or Spanglish)?  Can I just show up with books?  Any direction would be appreciated.

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I am a volunteer at the Library and just this past week took in a bag of books.  You just leave them with the staff at the front desk - they speak some English and will be absolutely delighted by any books that you can give.  It is a beautiful facility and worthy of full book shelves in both English and Spanish.

One more thing - the Library is open from 10am - 7pm Monday through Saturday (I think it is that late on Saturday anyway).

Perfecto.  Thank you much.  Will run by tomorrow and drop them off!

I just dropped off one today.  Beautiful building and comfortable just to sit for a spell.



















Donating several books - in Spanish and English.....




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