Latest notice concerning detours issued jointly by CUSA, CONADES and the Ministry of the Government

This makes a little more sense, thanks to Keith Woolford for helping notify people.  Official Comunicado and map of detour below.

Latest notice concerning detours issued jointly by CUSA (the principal contractor), CONADES, (the entity in charge funded by the Presidency), and the Ministry of the Government.

This is to complete the work between the Terpel station and Ave. A Oeste, which I believe is the final section of the trunk line.

Incoming traffic from El Alto will make the sharp right heading down to the area known as La Bajada where they will pick up Av. Belisario Porras.

Outgoing traffic will exit town by Avenida A (Haven Spa road)

* Important 
Buses will be advised of their route by flagmen at the intersection of Av. A Oeste and Avenida Central.
Tractor trailers and other heavy vehicles will enter and leave via the Wilson Bridge route.

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I got that too.  Yaay - no river road!  This is tolerable, since most of us have gone this way before, and it is not a problem.

Thank you for posting this.

Ok Everyone, traffic into and out of town should be smoother this week.  Coming into town you will be forced to turn right at the hairpin, at the bottom of the hill, and to leave, use the Haven Road which has been repaired and is handling all town exit traffic.

How does this differ from the detour routes posted above? They appear to be the same to me.

Bonnie ~ i think Rod Taylor was just translating to english the directions which were in spanish.

That correct, and last week it was not working good, as the Haven road was being worked on.  It is complete paved now.  I got in and out of town twice today, very quickly.

No, the English translation is before the Spanish.

i traveled the detours twice today to transport my dog to and from the groomer. It was as smooth as a detour is likely to be.


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