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Is there a Laundromat in Boquete? 

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Do you mean a do-it-yourself kind?  Don't think so.  All of them appear to be leave and pick up services.

Hi jeanne.

i saw in your chat u were looking for laundromat.the one across from revilla next to bank and real estate co. they can even do large items. we have used them for years...they also iron..but i also have a good lady who does beautiful work at a good have to be careful some places just.... wash and wad up your clothes.....dry clean also.
glad things are going well with mr balo...took him today to people who want furniture built and some iron bars..some pictures of pantry and other work would be nice if u dont mind.
u can always ask me if u have any questions about crisis with son over and i am back to me.
regards suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

  Do you know if the Laundry by the bank does a good job of ironing? I have some laundry I have to get done on Monday and ironed on Tuesday. I usually do my own ironing but I sold my iron earlier this week.



We use the one on the corner behind the bomberos.  They charge by the load and even fold them for you.  In by 9 out by 5. 

There are several others including coin ops.  Some hotels also have coin ops.


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