Learn Spanish in 3 Days Class - June 16th - 18th

Only 4 openings for the Learn Spanish in 3 Days Class June 16-18th.
You can see details about the class at:
Will you walk away from this class fluent in Spanish? No! You cannot become fluent in any language in 3 days.
But you will leave the class able to communicate in Spanish and/or communicate much better than you do now. The skills you learn will make it easier to continue to improve your Spanish. You'll feel much more confident speaking Spanish.
(FULL DISCLOSURE: I know Gary Scott and asked him to bring this class to Boquete. I am not making a penny from the registrations. I'm simply helping him to promote the class)

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I would like to know the hours of this class.  Is there an email address?

The class starts at 9am.  1 1/2 hour lunch break.  Ends at 5

No language can be learned in three days. Save your $349.

I totally agree with Amanda.and $349 is outrageous!  There are local tutors that do an outstanding job.  If this method actually worked people all over the world would be using it and teaching it for free.  Sounds like a sucker's game.

Total nonsense this crash course. I know that it takes a lot of effort, dedication and time to learn another language. I speak fluent English, Dutch and Spanish. 

I will keep my money and look for other ways of learning Spanish  -  Gracias 

I'd like to see the course outline. What are the teaching techniques?

I've never been to the class but many of my friends have and they say it is absolutely amazing how much you learn in only 3 days.  You can see more details at:


You'd have to email Gary Scott for more details.

I know they combine a "Super Learning" technique with the Spanish training to help you learn more, faster, and to retain what you learn.

Read the testimonials in the link I posted above.

I've waster so much money on the local Spanish classes and private tutors who just want you to memorize things but not really learning sentence structure.

I know there are some other Spanish classes in Boquete but they require a 8-12 week commitment 3 times a week and I just can't do that with my busy schedule. 


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