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Metrobus from Albrook Bus Termianl to Tocumen Airport

Hi , has anybody used the new Metrobus to go from Albrook Bus Terminal to Tocumen Airport yet? It seemed they are initiating the new permanent route as of today, but no further info on times, schedules, fare or route. 

One article stated they were already running, but only to Tocumen Pueblo and not to the Airport Terminal per se. 

So any info would be appreciated. In any case I will contact Anavilma, she might be the best bet?!

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Knowing how the Taxi drivers would react to this I would be surprised if the bus goes near the terminal. I can visualize buses being surrounded by taxis and others who earn their daily bread shaking down tourists for exorbitant fares into the city. I recall a couple of years ago the Minister of Tourism promised a toll free shuttle between airports, I have never heard of anyone ever seeing one of those either. 

The bus stop is at the entrance of the airport and wont go inside the airport area.  So there is a walking distance of about 700 - 900 meters to the terminal.



Your are right.  I have seen a lot of backpackers walking happily to the terminal at the airport from the bus stop.


I have done this a couple of times. If you wait you can get the express bus to Albrook. The incoming bus stop, according to google earth (straight line from entrance of terminal) is 400m and the outgoing to albrook 500m. 

500m? That's almost half-a-K!


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