Need some feedback on the new Baru Restaurant (where Amigos used to be)

Has anyone been to the new Baru restaurant?


How is the food, service, etcetera?


Any feedback would be helpful.



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Abby, I never said that I saw THAT particular salad.  I saw one at a later stage and made the changes.  We are doing our best on service and quality and I think the majority of people are more than happy on both fronts.  One thing I learnt a long time ago is that you can't please everyone, you can try and aim for that but it's not going to happen. I think for the first two weeks of being open we have done well, but there is always room for improvement and we are trying with that.  Thanks for your suggestions on service but please don't think that I haven't been doing that.  My wallet is vey much lighter because I'm buying drinks or replacing something when there is a problem.  And I did say my wallet, it's not coming from the business but from my own pocket(it's not the same because I have partners).

Hopefully you can come in at some stage and try the salad.

Stuart, Good luck, and I promise you we will stop in.  Always takes about twice as much to start a new business as one thinks it will.  One reason why many fail.  Isn't it great to have this site to get feedback and suggestions?  That is pretty unique..  Up, folks on here are never short on advice and infinite wisdom in some cases.  When it is all shorted out, it is a good thing.  Don't give to much away, I would hate to have to bring you food!
My thoughts exactly!  I don't want to give too much away!  In that respect I agree with my partners, but they don't want to give away any where as I want to keep people happy.  Within reason of course, I'm not going to change something just because you changed your mind, but if there is a legit problem then of course.  It is good to get the feedback and thats why I usually speak to as many people as possible, guaging what they say and their suggestions.   We've acted on as many as possible and people are happy that I do listen and take their advice.  I hope it works!!
Here is an update from our second visit there yesterday for lunch at 12:30 pm.  We enjoyed a very good medium combination pizza and dos cervezas. The service was excellent, the food was good and the beer was cold.  AAA Rating except for the music which was a little loud at times.  We'll be back.
oops!  Sorry about the music.  Sometimes we get a bit busy and we don't realise if the volume has gone up or something.  We usually do figure it out eventually though!!!
Stuart, are you going to have breakfast at Baru?
Hi Judy, I'd like to start doing breakfast, but I have to convince the partners first!!  We have had a lot of people asking but we'd prefer to wait and make sure we get everything running well first.  We'll keep you posted.

Amazing observations. It is insightful that you can predict the financial status of a person by where they sit and eat. I have no such wisdom or power of observation. I happen to sit at Central Park for coffee many mornings and I have no known financial issues. I can testify that others who do the same have Phds, JD's, MD's and some even have wealth. 


Intelligent people learn not to judge people by their dress, their locations or even what they drink. The stray dogs you speak of have as much right as you to frequent a restaurant and perhaps despite your candid and ignorant observations they help support the venue.

Peter, thanks for the comments and we really appreciate them.  It is a tough one because I understand what you're saying and as the business owner we want to make money while providing a good service and accommodating to everyone.  But the people you're talking about have been longtime supporters of Baru and have become my personal friends through them coming to the bar.


And the do support us, and they do it nearly every day, all through the year.  Where as some people may come once or twice a week, or less, these guys are there a lot.  That helps us a lot and I think at the minimum on slow days(with the rain thats a lot of them) it shows other potential guests that we're popular.  They may only drink a coke or two(and I do give them grief over that) on some days, but then on others they'll have lunch, and more cokes.  Then for dinner they'll bring their girlfriends and family along.  With them it's not about getting a good sale all in one hit but they do it over the whole week or year.


We'd like to think that we can accomodate everyone.  I obviously don't like it that there aren't tables available when people want them.  We'll certainly have to look into fitting more tables outside.  I'd also like to think that we get a good cross section of the people of Boquete, both the gringos and the locals.  I think we've done that pretty well so far and we're keeping most people pretty happy.


Again, I do appreciate the comments, and I love your descriptions!  I just hope that we can work around this and continue to receive your business.


Hi to all the stray dogs, you know who you are..............

Bow Wow says one stray dog to his pack.

Too bad the "doctor" has enough time on his hands to complain so much, or as W Shakespear put it, "I thinkth that  she complains too much."

You ARE joking of Course...right??


methinks my, "it is becoming a bit deep in here" trusty radar is is humming...

Dr. PDR has much negative to say for "A New Guy in Town".

How Come?

Just asking....


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