Is their enough sunlight during the rainy season to keep solar yard lights powered up?  I would assume they would function much better during the dry season. Your input is appreciated.  

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Hola Bryan, the location would be a big factor in the amount of sun you will see. The mountains cast shadows and the jungle hides the sun so solar would depend on where you are. Down in Los Cabezos, we get more morning sun as soon as it rises over Jaramillo. We lose the sun early as it sets behind Barú.

Here's a handy collection of graphs on weather and clouds during the average year:

Something else to consider might be small-scale wind power for charging batteries.


  Thanks Jim, it does seem like wind is in much more of an abundance in most areas. Just have to find out how the sun is in our area. 

I purchased 3 quality solar lights 3 years ago for my front yard, to light up the house.  On the raining days, I only get 3 - 4 hours light, in the dry season, they are on all night.

For the back yard, which has more tree coverage, I went with low voltage lighting.  I could not find any here, so I had to bring in from the US.

Good stuff Rod, thanks, 3 or 4 hours on the low side is still better than nothing. Not great for security but maybe some help when coming home after dark. Are your lights on 100% all the time or do they have motion detectors? These days most motion detectors are still on at 50% or so till they get triggered.  

The are not motion lights, they are on all the time after dark, they point to the front of the house, lighting up the entire front yard.  I had tried some of the cheaper ones, like $10 ones, but they dont last and have virtually no light.  

The 3 I have I did buy here, at Do-It center, I think they were $35 each, but worth it as they have lasted 3 years so far.

We have 5 motion lights that are solar powered and have worked great for the past 3 years.You really do not need lights on all night. You can adjust them to only activate after the sun goes down and adjust them for coverage.

  Thanks Kathy


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