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USTVnow is a site for American citizens living in foreign countries.  You can register for free and watch TV shows as they are airing (on your computer).  This seems much easier than using Hulu and having to get a web proxy to be able to view it.  You won't be shut out because you don't live in the U.S.  Unfortunately there isn't a download option so you can view it later, but there is something to do with DVR.  I haven't checked this feature yet.


If you have a wireless network, you can hook your laptop to the TV and watch shows in comfort on a bigger screen.

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Thanks for the tip, I will check it out.  My Sky TV has more and more channels lately in Spanish and I am looking into something new.

From what I see there are only a few channels that are free and to get all the good stuff it's $49 per month.

Are there any other options?

OK yes, I found that now. It does sound like a good deal at that!

For free you get ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC and PBS.

The pay package is $29/month for the channels below.  The $49 option is if you get DVR.  You don't have to get that.

Animal Planet
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Discover Channel
Food Network

Just be ready for occasional "buffering". Some days are smoother than others.


I watch it all the time when there's nothing of interest on Cable Onda that I already haven't seen. Yes, they have options for "all TV" and "all TV with DVR capabilities". Right now the free ones are ABC CBS NBC CW and PBS. I started watching it the day the major networks stopped broadcasting in Latin America. It's a nice fill-in for when the regular broadcast ain't cuttin' it.

I have a Slingbox unit hooked up to my son's home cable TV in Oregon. It works great and I get hundreds of channels both U.S. west & east coasts plus a zillion music channels. The best part is it costs me nothing as he pays the cable bill. The only problem is that he cannot watch what he wants at the same time I'm on Slingbox. I can actually change channels on his TV with a drop down remote. I can also program channels and many other functions. It like having best U.S. cable TV right here in Boquete.


I also watch USTV sometimes...only ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS for free. These channels are broadcast I believe from USTV studios in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. So, your always watching TV programs with EST time slots.


BIG PROBLEM & CAVEAT: If you do not have high speed internet in Boquete, Slingbox & USTV will not work. I have C & W internet and It is off more then it is on.  When my internet is working good, everything is golden...QUESTION?........IS THERE SUCH A THING AS HIGH SPEED INTERNET IN BOQUETE?....I HAVE MY DOUBTS.

What a shame that it's only for American citizens.
I hereby anoint you a US citizen for the purpose of using this service.

not sure it's worth the lifetime tax burden.   lol


Another stigma against the canucks, eh?
Keith - They say that, but when you register there is nothing that requires you to prove it.  They don't ask for a passport number or an address or anything.  There is a box to check saying you agree to their conditions, then they just have you give an email address and make up a password, and then they send you a verifying email.  It must be some legal requirement that they have to say it's only for U.S. citizens. Anybody from anywhere could sign up.

It will only work if you are outside the US.  When you go to sign up/ watch they check the location of your ISP,  If your ISP shows up as being in the CONUS then you can not view the programming.     Confirming you are a US citizen is more difficult.




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