of course it is in spanish so i am wondering if any english speakers have taken the test and if they offer a translater or if you can bring your own?  any thots would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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For a motorcycle license (B) a few years ago they DID NOT offer a translator or allow one present.

Some of the places offering Drivers Training Classes will provide samples of the multiple choice Spanish questions that will be on the test.

It's easier to certify your N.A. license in Panama, imo.

Most English speakers who have taken the test complain that by the time they think they understand the question, the allotted time to answer has expired.

Hi Keith, To certify a license from the States, is that a Sertracen thing?

Can that be done in David?

Thanks Paul

Certification is performed by the U.S. Consulate in Panama City, followed by an apostille from the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.

An appointment is required at the Consulate.

My wife and I took the test in Spanish when we had only been here a short time and did not know much Spanish.  It has only ten multiple choice questions on a computer, and they are not very difficult.  You should study a copy of the sample questions.  There are almost 100 sample questions, and it is a good idea to compare them with the traffic regulations  manual that is required to be carried in your glove compartment.

You can probably find a "fixer" who can help with the driving school certificate and also a medical certificate if you are over 70 years old.

You should be able to identify and interpret some simple traffic signs, such as No U Turn.  They may be asked about during the vision test.

There is a hearing test, also administered by computer.

There is a simple practical test involving head-in and parallel parking but no driving out in the David traffic.

Hi, Do you know of any "fixers" in David?

I will need a medical certificate.


What do you mean? If you're talking about the over-70 medical certification, Dr. Digna Diaz at the Alfa Clinic in downtown Boquete, next to La Reyna, can do the exam and issue you a certificate. No fixer required.

Yes, I will require a certificate. Dr Diaz may be the right person.

I was still curious about the "fixer" (exam coach)

Any ideas for the right person to help with the test?

As an American who had lived in CR for 16 years, only had a CR license, so was forced to take the exam.

While never studying Spanish, my spoken ability is fair...kind of...I get by.  

I figured to just wing it... did not request a translator, nor have any idea if allowed.

I went to a driving school here, and paid for a 20 page booklet that I was told included ALL the exam questions...

Found out a few days prior to the exam that it is via computer, ... 60 seconds to answer each question.  10 questions, ... 70 is pass.

Once our group of 3 was seated, and the exam started while ticking down the 60 seconds, one of the clerks opened the door to call out names for the hearing exam....so much for quiet while struggling with a question not on my list, and trying to decipher written Spanish, which in not my strength.

Not a single question showed up from my study booklet, but I was in their head from reading it, and was quite jubilant when after the 10th question the screen read aprobado...or something like that.

This was one of the questions from my booklet, in Spanish of course.

"When looking into the rear view mirror you see a car from behind is going to hit you, what do you do??"

I know what you are thinking...so was I


The correct answer is apply your brake...I went back to the school to be sure this was the correct answer.

Good luck

One is allowed to bring a person that can translate.

robert, is that what you did? bring your translator along?


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