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A Guide to Asking Rental Questions in the Boquete Area

The following post is meant to be a helpful resource for those considering a visit to Boquete and looking for lodging. 

Sometimes those living in Boquete know the best questions to ask.  This is a list of questions developed by local residents living in the Boquete area from 2 ½ to 10 years. 

Everyone has individual preferences, and this list is not meant to be all inclusive.  Its primary purpose is to provide the newcomer to Boquete a list of the basic questions that should be asked when deciding on a place of residence.


Location / General

This is rural Panama.  It is considered the interior.  The beauty of Boquete’s hills and mountains can also make for challenging walking conditions.  Downhill in the morning means uphill in the afternoon, or a taxi or bus.

Know that although some places may be listed as only 10 minutes away, the walk may be strenuous, uphill and downhill, no sidewalks, broken sidewalks.  Also take into account walking home in the rainy season and intense mid-day sun.

  • How far away from town is the residence?
  • Driving distance?
  • Walking distance? 
  • How far away is the residence from a main walking road?
  • Are buses available within walking distance?  How often do they run? Cost?
  • Are taxis easily available?  Within walking distance? Cost?
  • How close are the nearest neighbors?
  • Are there any businesses close by?  Such as a car shop, welding shop, bar or pool hall?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the property?  If it is the tenant, is there is a reliable person to hire?  How much might this cost and how often?  Are tools provided to maintain the grounds? Weed wacker? Hedge trimmers?
  • Are pets allowed?  Any exclusions? Is there an additional security deposit for pets?
  • Is the residence fenced?
  • Are there outside security lights?
  • Are there any security alarms installed? Video cameras?
  • Is there any type of security system installed?
  • Are security bars on windows?  If yes, how many or are all windows barred?


What utilities are included in the rent and what is the tenant responsible for?  

Does an account need to be established in the tenant’s name for any utility?  If no, are the utility fees set for each month or sliding depending upon usage?

  • Water
  • Gas tanks
  • Electric
  • Internet
  • Trash pickup



  • Are there water reserve tanks on the property? How many and capacity?
  • Water filtration?
  • Water purification?
  • Who is responsible for changing the filters?
  • How many residences feed off the tanks?
  • Has this residence ever experienced water shortage problems?  If yes, how long?
  • What type of hot water system is installed?  Is this throughout the house or only in one area?



  • Is this in the landlord’s name or the tenant’s name
  • How many electrical outlets are in the home?  Which areas?
  • Are surge protectors for a computer, TVs, etc. provided or does the tenant provide their own?

Phone Service

  • Is phone service available at or around the residence? 
  • Is the signal strong? 
  • Is the signal received inside the house or does the tenant need to stand outside to get phone service?


Ask yourself how important is it to be able to watch TV programs outside of Panama?  

  • Is service available at the residence?
  • Is the service cable or wireless?  Name of service provider?
  • How many Mbps?
  • Is this service in the tenant’s name or the landlord’s?
  • May the tenant upgrade this internet at the tenant’s expense?
  • What is the access to non-Spanish TV shows / programs? 
    • USTV Now
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Plus
    • Hulu Plus
    • Other?
  • Does the tenant need to supply any additional devices to access TV programs?
  • Does the tenant need to provide their own VPN or DNS spoofer to access programs in countries other than Panama?


Other residents or those who have stayed in Boquete are welcome to post their suggestions.

Remember, the purpose of this post is to provide a resource so newcomers know the questions to ask before moving into a residence. 

It is not to criticize how much TV one wishes to watch or whether water needs to be purified before drinking.  A search on this website will pull up those discussions.

Please do not get into flaming, negative rants that offer no constructive advice.  They may be removed.



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  • LOOKKING  for furnished 2/2 apt or small home in the Boquete area  6 month lease.  No pets or kids.  2 Seniors

  • Hello!  Could this posting article, being as important as it is to a lot of readers, be updated?  This is 2018, and though some of it still applies, there are important changes that need to be shared!  Thanks so much!

    • The originator/author has left Boquete.

  • FYI, I used a local realtor named Eduardo Horna and had a very good experience with him if this helps anyone.  His cell phone is 6752 3207.  Fluent in English as well.

    • I second the recommendation for Eduardo Horna.  He's on time, will personally drive you there (so no logistical issues due to lack of street addresses), and for home sales, he's the only realtor that will provide you a copy of the property survey and title before viewing so none of that "Place an offer and we'll get you that information, trust me." nonsense that other realtors give you.  Collecting deposits for real estate transactions here in Panama is virtually impossible if the deal falls through.

      Here are his email addresses.



  • Hello!

    Here's a rental question... Does anyone happen to know of an available rental just outside of Boquete, preferably higher in elevation, that would accommodate a family of 4 plus dog, 2-3 bdr, 2ba up to $650.00??? In need of help!!!

    Thank you in advance!

  • My Boquete Rentals Beef!

    If there is one area in Greater Boquete that lacks precision it would have to be "ALTO BOQUETE"! Whether it be on google maps, local maps, rental ads, or otherwise, Alto Boquete seems to include the entire region on both sides of Hwy 41 between Los Molinos and Bajo Boquete. For someone researching properties near Boquete, no designation could be less helpful. It would be better if sellers and landlords would identify the particular barrio in their ads. :)

    • Many owners do not want to advertise that they have a (possibly) vacant house so not being more precise may be intentional when posting ads. Just a thought.
  • Thanks - very helpful everyone!!

  • Some of the questions are very good indeed! I wonder what new people think about the various lease agreements and terms. It seems laws in Panama are different from the USA. I suggest anyone thinking of renting should consult the internet and take a few minutes to research Tenant Laws in Panama. Google it or look for the Panama Government sites. Better safe than sorry.

This reply was deleted.

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