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Wanted Dead or Alive


 I need 3 camera lenses, all must be 50mm, any brand and could be from the film days. Canon, Nikon etc. I am working on a project that requires these lenses. Price should be reasonable. If you have one I will buy it. Thanks Dennis Hahn.   email me at

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Movies and Concerts

Never-played  movies from USA for $3 per DVD and $7 per Blu-Ray disc (original discs not in original boxes)  I buy the 4k UHD 2-pack with Blu-Ray included, you get a deal on an unplayed Blu-Ray.

Lady in the Balcony – When the pandemic shut down Eric C

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Does anyone have a female schauzer for sale.  About 2 years old.  My dog was just killed by a car and I want my boy to have a playmate,


Ann TIm KAne


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