The Memorial Service for Kay Lamberson will be this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. at San Juan Bautista Church in Boquete

The Church is twin-spired, is on Main St and is before The Art Café.

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Do you have a picture to post of her. I know so many people by face, so I'm wondering if I know her. Thanks.

Do you mean Kay Lamberson, or is this someone else?

Hi Bonnie:

I am so sorry. I was writing this at 6:00 a.m. and was in a rush. Penny is correct. It is Kay Lamberson.

Just saw this notice on Twitter that Kay Lamberson is still at the morgue.

13h13 hours ago

El cuerpo de la Norteamericana Kathlyn Lanverson de 68 año no ha sido retirado de la morgue del ministerio público.

Hi Keith

We  are waiting for the receipt of the legal documents which will allow us to retrieve Kay' body from the morgue and have her buried here in Panama. It has been a frustrating process but we should be completed this week and we will then have a funeral Mass for Kay.

THREE WEEKS  after the death  of an  American American woman who died in a traffic accident  between  David and Boquete, in Chiriqui, her body remains  in the morgue, as no family members have appeared to claim it.

Sources close to the investigations said they already had a rapprochement with the authorities of the Embassy of the United States, but they have not yet located the relatives of the Kathlyn Lanverson, 68, The accident occurred at 1:00 pm on April 9, reports El Siglo.

She was one of 26 road fatalities so far this year in the province of Chiriqui.

Her daughter contacted this forum.  I emailed her with what I knew about Kay.  Her name is Kim Lamberson Smith, email

Here is the link to her post.

I was told that someone from the embassy had contacted her, so how is it they have not located Kim?  Can whoever is working with the embassy send them Kim's contact information?

I also sent her a message through Ning.

Here is the embassy contact who is supposed to be helping Kim.

Tania Escala at the US Consulate

Hi Everybody:

Thank you for your offers of help.

Yesterday, Kim sent us the power of attorney that will allow us to retrieve Kay's body from the morgue. The attorney (one of our parishioners) is working with us. She will call the morgue and let them know that we have the paper work. The American Embassy forms sent to Kim were not the documents that are required legally to retrieve the body, It is under control, Kim and I have talked 4 times. We will let Boquete.ning when the funeral service will be. Kay will be buried in Panama per her daughter's wishes.

can anyone help me find out how to get a tombstone made in Boquete or Dolega?

thanks.  easiest way to reach me is call 6808-2061.  i do whatsapp too.

Could you make this a new post?  It hardly belongs with Kay's memorial announcement, which was over 2 years ago.


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